Sunday, March 7, 2010

So I suggest u may stop

i was madly deeply in love that time.. cud never understood what she wrote that time.. read it now after almost 2 years.. got to know what you meant.. thank you..

Don’t make me so used to hearing ur giggle
everyday dat I miss it wen m low…
Don’t make me so used to ur funny jokes
dat I cry wen I miss them all alone…

Don’t make me like u so much dat
it breaks ur heart wen I make d wrong choice
Don’t make me use u so much dat
u hate it wen I am away in my rejoice

Ur the one who is at fault
Cuz ur t one to bring it on urself

Ur the one who’s inviting the fall
N ur the one not stopping
Evn though u’ve sensed the halt

So I suggest u may stop
Stop while evrything’s stil pretty
N d luks r pleasing
N t humour so witty

Cuz the more u drift away
into the madness of infatuation
The more u’l feel the pain

The more u’d want me to go away
And the more u’l hate it wen I luk at u again…

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