Monday, December 10, 2007 phone call away...

Wet wind on the side walk,
I am staring down the lane
Walking up the corridor and walking down again
My feet are tired and my brain is numb
I am reminded of that ever inviting bar that says ‘In you come’
Got the scent of stale beer hanging,
hanging round my head
Old dog in the corner sleeping like he could be dead
A book of matches and a full ash tray
Cigarette left, smoking its life away
Graham bell, thanks you did your job well
But as it turns out, you have made my life hell
I am looking at the phone waiting for it to ring
The melody of its sound is all I am hoping
She took my number, she made the start
She made me a promise but guess it was not
Never believe a woman is all I am learning to believe in
Hope she can prove me wrong ,
I am still waiting!!!

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uddhav said...


u can make a great lyricist1